What is the Archiverse?

Archiverse = Archives + Universe

The Archiverse is the East Riding Archives’ growing Minecraft world where young people visit to tell their story that will transcend through time and become part of the historical record.

At the centre of the Archiverse is a fully explorable recreation of the home of the East Riding Archives, called The Treasure House.

What is the purpose of the Archiverse?

By visiting the Archiverse in one of our workshops, or by downloading the map, young people can contribute their lived experiences to a wider collection of over 800 years of East Riding documented history.

They will become a ‘history maker‘, telling their story through 3D modelling and digital writing.

Each built and written creation is not only on display in the Archiverse for other young people to be inspired and learn from, but is also permanently preserved in the real East Riding Archives for the benefit of future generations.

What stories are in the Archiverse?

The Archiverse was first constructed as a place to share experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic via the East Riding Blockdown project.

Some Blockdown facts (Feb-Nov 2022):
– Over 120 young people have contributed their experiences of lockdown
– Each creation is archived in the real archives under the collection ERBP, see this collection listed on the archives catalogue and also accessible via our online digital archive.
– 3 schools have taken part
– 92 built creations, subjects include digital technology and communication, lock down walks, hobbies, and home.
– 56 written creations, subjects include family life, feelings, homeschooling, hobbies and lock down activities.