Preserving your Blockdown creations for future generations

Wondering what happens to your Blockdown creations once they have been ‘archived’? Olivia Northrop, Archives Assistant (Digital), tells us more!

At East Riding Archives, we hold over 150,000 digital files. Just as we care for the physical items in our collection, we care for our digital ones too. We store these items in a ‘Digital Archive’, which is powered by Preservica, a piece of software which allows us to look after our digital items for future generations. Think of Preservica as a fancy virtual safe for digital files!

Digital items are always vulnerable to becoming inaccessible. This can happen for many reasons, such as the file corrupting, or the file types no longer being supported. Preservica helps us perform routine maintenance work on our digital collections, helping with tasks such as creating multiple perfect copies as backups, storing items on multiple servers, and creating access copies in easy-to-use formats. All this ensures the content inside Preservica is never lost!

Below: Images of the East Riding Blockdown collection on the public ‘front end’ of Preservica, and ‘back end’.

All current participants of the East Riding Blockdown have had their work uploaded to Preservica, meaning your contributions are now fully protected. Preservica also helps us share our digital collections with the public. Blockdown crafters can now view their work online at on our Universal Access Portal HERE

We look forward to adding more of your wonderful Minecraft creations to Preservica in the future!

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