Building An Archiverse: The East Riding Blockdown

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The East Riding Blockdown first launched towards the end of January 2022 as an experimental action research project working with young people between the ages of 5-16. We are grateful for our funding and ongoing support from The Audience Agency as part of their wider Digitally Democratising Archives initiative, aimed at bringing together archives with communities using digital technology.

Note: All photos are published with parental / guardian consent.

The Archiverse

The Audience Agency’s grant enabled us to construct our Archiverse in the Minecraft video game and use this world as an interactive learning space for collecting and archiving young people’s experiences about the COVID-19 lockdown. At the centre of the Archiverse is a reconstruction of the Treasure House, home of the East Riding Archives, where participants can explore and see other young people’s Minecraft creations.

In the Archiverse, participants would make their mark on East Riding history by…

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